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About us

JiagnsuPuya Lighting Technology Public Co., Ltd, located in the Wuxi-Xinyi Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, with floor space 30000 and building area 8000 . Main products are: Metal Halide Lamp (MHI), Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp (HID),High Pressure Sodium Lamp (HPS), High and Low pressure xenon lamp, Self-ballasted high-pressure mercury lamp...


Company Corner

JiagnsuPuya Lighting Technology Public Co., Ltd.
Address: Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Industrial Park
Tel: 0516-88688053
Fax: 0516-88688052
Phone: 15852073403 (Wang)
       13813259218 (Ding Jingli)

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